The client experience (content)

We combine your thinking about what’s important with our thinking about what’s needed to create Enriched Thinking.

  • We are proud to offer a Discretionary investment approach for clients who wish to delegate the day to day decision making of their portfolio.
  • Asset allocation consists in determining the percentage of your assets that should be invested in each asset class based on your investment objectives, risk tolerance and investment horizon.
  • Each investor is unique. As a result, we offer portfolios that meet the various investment objectives of each type of investor profile.
  • The following table presents four portfolio models grouped according to each investor’s investment objectives and risk tolerance.
  • Our group provides weekly newsletters and quarterly financial letters written by Jacques.
  • Through our Scotia wealth management specialists we offer complementary access to financial planning and private banking services.
  • On top of punctual phone calls we schedule and prepare portfolio reports and reviews on a regular basis.
  • No call is left unanswered. When a client phones, someone answers right away. There’s no voicemail and we don’t have a system whereby they are being called back the next day or two days later.

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