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We take great pride in providing expedient replies to all inquiries and we strive to ensure clients are receiving the highest level of customer service available; this is the Jacques Maurice commitment.

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Name Position Phone
Jacques Maurice Senior Wealth Advisor & Director, Wealth Management 514-287-3621
Caroline Hild Portfolio Manager & Director, Wealth Management 514-287-4565
François Carrier Portfolio Manager & Director, Wealth Management 514-287-4984
Guillaume Maurice Portfolio Manager 514-287-8585
Nathalie Guyon Investment Associate 514-287-4598
Lynne Turner Investment Associate 514-287-3653
Marc-Antoine Saad Investment Associate 514-287-4963
Louiza Aleksanian Investment Associate 514-287-4581
Linda Le Duc Investment Associate 514-287-3229
Julia Gauthier Investment Associate 514-287-8976
Laura Taliano Investment Associate 514-287-3582
Jennifer Curran Investment Associate 514-287-4242
Lina Lascelle Administrative Associate 514-287-3639
Mary Perenne Administrative Associate 514-287-3691
Palmina Baronello Administrative Associate 514-287-3664
Melissa Fournier Administrative Associate 514-287-3561
Kelly Antunes Administrative Associate 514-287-4961
Linda Paolozza Administrative Associate 514-287-2916
Laurence Poirier Administrative Associate 514-287-3588