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Family, happiness and time. We know how you value these qualities, as do we.

The Jacques Maurice Group is one of the most prestigious Wealth Management groups in Canada with over 6 billion dollars of assets under management.

Celebrating his 40th year of industry experience, Jacques Maurice has built a team of more than 20 highly skilled individuals in order to provide his clients with quality advice, integrity and superior service, which the Group is renowned for nationwide.

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Jacques Maurice’s reputation speaks for itself. He has surrounded himself with a team of talented individuals who represent his diligent work ethic, his undeniable integrity, and his tireless commitment to helping clients protect and grow their wealth. This formula ensures that clients remain satisfied with the management of their wealth through all of life’s stages.

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We combine your thinking about what’s important with our thinking about what’s needed to create Enriched Thinking.

  • We are proud to offer a Discretionary investment approach for clients who wish to delegate the day to day decision making of their portfolio.
  • Asset allocation consists in determining the percentage of your assets that should be invested in each asset class based on your investment objectives, risk tolerance and investment horizon.
  • Each investor is unique. As a result, we offer portfolios that meet the various investment objectives of each type of investor profile.
  • The following table presents four portfolio models grouped according to each investor’s investment objectives and risk tolerance.
  • Our group provides weekly newsletters and quarterly financial letters written by Jacques.
  • Through our Scotia wealth management specialists we offer complementary access to financial planning and private banking services.
  • On top of punctual phone calls we schedule and prepare portfolio reports and reviews on a regular basis.
  • No call is left unanswered. When a client phones, someone answers right away. There’s no voicemail and we don’t have a system whereby they are being called back the next day or two days later.

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We take great pride in providing expedient replies to all inquiries and we strive to ensure clients are receiving the highest level of customer service available; this is the Jacques Maurice commitment.

1002 Sherbrooke St West, 3rd Floor - Suite 300, Montreal, Québec, H3A 3L6, Canada
Email our team · 514-287-3641

Name Position Phone
Jacques Maurice Senior Wealth Advisor & Director, Wealth Management 514-287-3621
Caroline Hild Portfolio Manager & Director, Wealth Management 514-287-4565
François Carrier Portfolio Manager & Director, Wealth Management 514-287-4984
Guillaume Maurice Portfolio Manager 514-287-8585
Nathalie Guyon Investment Associate 514-287-4598
Lynne Turner Investment Associate 514-287-3653
Marc-Antoine Saad Investment Associate 514-287-4963
Louiza Aleksanian Investment Associate 514-287-4581
Linda Le Duc Investment Associate 514-287-3229
Julia Gauthier Investment Associate 514-287-8976
Laura Taliano Investment Associate 514-287-3582
Jennifer Curran Investment Associate 514-287-4242
Lina Lascelle Administrative Associate 514-287-3639
Mary Perenne Administrative Associate 514-287-3691
Palmina Baronello Administrative Associate 514-287-3664
Melissa Fournier Administrative Associate 514-287-3561
Kelly Antunes Administrative Associate 514-287-4961
Linda Paolozza Administrative Associate 514-287-2916
Laurence Poirier Administrative Associate 514-287-3588